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RFI: LaSagra's at Hidden Lake Everglades


My family and I will be in the area next week and were interested in trying for the LaSagra's Flycatcher that has been seen as recently as today (according to ebird) and was hoping to get some more specific directions. We've been to the Everglades before but not to Hidden Lake. Where does one park and how far of a walk is it to the spot? I've seen mention of a gate and telephone poles but wasn't clear on what these are in reference to. We will have two kids with us, a seven year old and a toddler so would also like to know if the route is stroller-friendly or if we need to back-pack her. ;-)

Thanks so much,

Frank Marenghi
Shady Side, MD


Brian Rapoza
about 1 month ago

See my directions on the South Florida Rare Bird Update. You’ll be able to drive right to the spot.

Frank Marenghi
about 1 month ago

Great, thank you!

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