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The male is back amidst the rubble of our yard. Hopefully, his mates will follow in a few weeks. Our 21st year with them here, near the Falls. Have some nectar plants that made it, but will try a feeder, which they've never used in the yard.
Awaiting the buntings in a week or two....


Hansel Herrera
4 months ago

Had a male and female at Castellow this morning. My firebush got hit hard by Irma, so I put up a feeder. No backyard hummers yet.

Tropical Audubon Society
4 months ago

Hi. Please consider reporting your sightings here as well:

Brian Rapoza
4 months ago

I have added a link to the Hummingbirds at Home website on our Citizen Science page, at

4 months ago

Thank you, Brian!

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