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Screech owls in SoMi

Hello. Is this breeding season for screech owls in South Florida? We finally have what I believe are screech owls in our owl box near Dante Fascell Park in South Miami and I was wondering if they're incubating or just hanging out. Thanks.


Brian Rapoza
2 months ago

Eastern Screech-Owls typically nest beginning in March, so they are likely just roosting at this time of year.

Ricardo Rovira
2 months ago

Thanks Brian. I'm still trying to figure out what they're up to and how the owl box ties into their behavior. Today one of them arrived and perched on a palm tree right next to the owl box right at around 6 PM. Then, a few minutes later, the second owl landed right on the owl box's opening and faced forward a few minutes while making a low trilling sound. The first one (still on the palm tree) then took off and a few moments later the second left the owl box without ever going inside. Are they roosting somewhere else and just meeting at the owl box before going out on a hunting date? I have a video clip if you're interested.

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