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Spotted in Dania

Spotted what appears to be a pin-tailed whydah in my Dania neighborhood this morning around 9:30. I don't know if he blew in from Puerto Rico or escaped from someone's home, but he did not appear skittish at all...let me take several pics. I am unable to get my pics uploaded to the bird board, but if someone who knows how to post wants to send me and email address or cel #, I can forward the pics on to them.


Brian Rapoza
10 months ago

Instructions for posting photos on the Bird Board are at

Joe Barros
9 months ago

I spotted a male Pin-tailed Wydah in South Miami on September 21 and saw it until Saturday October 1. I have not seen over the last few days. I only have a few iphone pics. Of course he was not there when I brought my SLR.

Where did these birds come from????

Brian Rapoza
9 months ago

They almost certainly aren't vagrants from Africa, so they have to be escaped pets.

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