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Steve Kaplan's Other Waterfowl Photo

Not sure why it didn't work the way Steve did it. His waterfowl look like some sort of shelduck; maybe a hybrid.

Steve Kaplan's Other Waterfowl Photo


Tyler Beck
12 months ago

Maybe Muscovy x Black-bellied Whistling Duck hybrids?

Steven Kaplan
12 months ago

Possible Muscovy with Egyptian Goose (Shelduck) ?
If it breeds true can I Name it, "Kaplan's" Duck has a nice ring to it or "Apollo" Duck to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

kurt d.
12 months ago

I'd bet on Muscovy x Egyptian. Look at the face on the one on the right. Those are the only two species of waterfowl on those ponds

kurt d
12 months ago

A quick Google search confirms that Muscovy hybridizes with Egyptian goose quite easily. Egyptian goose is not a true Goose, it is considered a shelduck

Phil A.
11 months ago

I've seen these birds before. They have been in my backyard a few times. Here's a checklist from 2017. . I asked Tony Leukering about them and he suggested I report them as Muscovy Duck (Domestic type). He wrote in an email: "Your duck is at least partly Muscovy Duck. While I cannot think of anything with which Muscovy Duck could hybridize to produce this bird, your best bet is probably to use the "Muscovy Duck (Domestic type)" entry for the bird."

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