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TAS Bill Baggs Cape Florida SP Walk

On Sunday, April 28, twenty birders met at the No Name Harbor parking lot at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park for the TAS bird walk. The weather was warm and clear with a slight breeze, and the group was able to tally 29 species as we walked south down the nature trail and back up the paved bike path. Fruiting strangler fig trees offered the best looks at the 8 warbler species that we saw that morning. Along the trail, we also had an unexpected encounter with a Florida box turtle, a shy species that is rarely observed at the park.
The species recorded during the 2.5 hour walk were:
Mourning dove
Yellow-billed cuckoo
Royal tern
Magnificent frigatebird
Double-crested cormorant
White ibis
Cooper's hawk
Red-bellied woodpecker
White-eyed parakeet
Gray kingbird
Black-whiskered vireo
Blue jay
Fish crow
Barn swallow
Gray catbird
Northern mockingbird
Common grackle
Black-and-white warbler
Common yellowthroat
American redstart
Cape May warbler
Northern parula
Blackpoll warbler
Black-throated blue warbler
Prairie warbler
Northern cardinal
Painted bunting


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