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TAS Shark Valley/Kirby Storter 2/24/18

TAS Trip Itinerary Saturday February 24, 2018 Shark Valley/Kirby Storter
Be sure to bring lunch. We will meet at 8:00am at the airboat concession (this is now an active business--you will see numerous flags on top of the renovated building) on the north side of Tamiami Trail (US 41), one mile west of the Shark Valley entrance. Please be careful to follow all speed limits on Tamiami Trail (US 41). After meeting we will advance to Shark Valley. There is an entrance fee to Shark Valley. Restrooms available.
After Shark Valley we will bird Kirby Storter Roadside Park , which is approximately 30 miles west of Shark Valley. Restrooms available. We will have lunch here.
We expect to be done at approximately 2:00.
We look forward to seeing swallow-tail kites as they are arriving.
At Storter we hope to see tufted titmouse, swamp sparrow and possible hairy woodpecker.

John Hutchison-trip leader
Cell: 413-562-3976


Joel n Rosenthal
10 months ago

what happened to Loop Road-which was the previously advertised destination?

Brian Rapoza
10 months ago

Saturday's field trip coincides with the Wild Hog BBQ taking place on Loop Road, south of Monroe Station. Because of the heavy traffic on Loop Road during this event, we will not be birding near that area, but will visit Kirby Storter boardwalk instead.

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