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TAS Trip 2/16/2019 Shark Valley/Loop Rd.

TAS Trip Itinerary Saturday February 16, 2019 Shark Valley/Big Cypress/Loop Rd.
Be sure to bring lunch. We will meet at 8:00 am at the S-334 Water Control Structure on the north side of Tamiami Trail, 1.3 miles west of Krome Avenue, NOT at the airboat concession where we usually meet, as this is now an active business. Please be careful to follow all speed limits on Tamiami Trail (US 41). After meeting we will advance to Shark Valley. There is an entrance fee to Shark Valley. Restrooms available.
After Shark Valley we will proceed west on Tamiami Trail and turn left onto Loop Road, approximately 2 miles from Shark Valley. Be sure to have a plenty of gas. Limited restrooms available at end of loop. We will have lunch here.
We expect to be done at approximately 2:00.
John Hutchison-trip leader
Cell: 413-562-3976


3 months ago

The juvenile snake I identified this morning for the field trip as an anerythristic Corn Snake turned out to be a juvenile Everglades Rat Snake. The changes in pattern and color that this species goes through are quite dramatic! Despite having seen dozens of adults over the years this was my first juvenile.

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