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TAS Trip report NBroward Jan 12

22 Birders in delightful weather , , joined in to bird Tall Cypress and Quiet Waters .
The group logged 58 species .

In the parking lot a small flock of goldfinches flew over . While on the boardwalk the group got an obstructed view of the winter resident Broad Wing Hawk . . In the large mixed warbler flock . We got 8 species of warblers including good views of black throated green and cape May warblers .
Unlike other years with great views of great horned owl we had to settle for obstructive view of puffy owlets in the nest.
We had one shorebird . A spotted sandpiper .

At quiet waters , we added a Merlin and Caspien .tern . We hiked out to see the eagle nest and through a scope got good looks of the two adults .

Overall a great trip ! Thanks to Bruce Pickholtz for assistance particularly his orchi expertise .


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