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The Passing of Trey Mitchell

It is with great sadness that I share with you the news that TAS field trip leader Trey Mitchell unexpectedly passed away last night; he was 57. Please join me in offering our deepest condolences to his family as well as his many friends in the south Florida birding community. He will be deeply missed.

Information regarding any plans for a memorial service will be posted here when it becomes available.


Maria Rodriguez
12 months ago

I am so very sorry to learn that Trey has passed. I have fond memories of him from so many bird walks. I especially appreciated his sense of humor, and fantastic photography.

Ken Archambault
12 months ago

Many condolences to Trey's family and friends. I only met him once, around 2008, at his "local patch," Sadowski Park. He was nice to me, and intent on obtaining photos at the forest edge. I began to check out his photos each time he posted to the bird board. Very high quality. Trey, so sorry to lose you. Rest in peace, Amigo!

Nancy Freedman
12 months ago

I was shocked to learn of Trey's passing yesterday afternoon on Facebook. I still can't believe it. We had great respect for each other with our differing political views. He was a great photographer, wonderful family man and a lot of fun. I regret not having seen him for a while. I will miss him.

Hansel Herrera
12 months ago

Very sad news, sincere condolence to his family. He was a great guy!

Jeanette Rawls
12 months ago

Wow..I just learned of Trey's passing on this site..My condolences to his family..He was such a nice person and an excellent photographer...

Juan Valadez
12 months ago

Really sorry to hear this. I didn't know him but judging by the tone of his writing and his photos he was a great person. We all migrate at different times but this feels way too early.

Joe Barros
12 months ago

I was very sad to hear of Trey’s passing.

He was a great friend to Tropical Audubon Society, leading bird walks, photo workshops, and sharing his wonderful photographs with us all at TAS. His photos and his postings on the Bird Board brought great attention to the forum. His beautiful images brought the birds to life. He did not miss the beauty of the lighting and the natural landscapes around him. He had a perspective that was unique and beautiful. He had an eye! There wasn’t a post of his on the Bird Board where I would not call my wife, Helen, over to see these beautiful images.

We birded together many times where I learned a little about this talented man. We spoke birds, photography, work and family. He accomplished so much in so few years.;

There is no doubt that we will all miss Trey, the birder, the photographer, the Bird-A-Day guy, the artist, the family man, the friend.

My sincerest heartfelt condolences to his family.

Tropical Audubon Society

Billi Wagner
12 months ago

Creating and tweaking his web version of a friendly competition among international birders, Trey (and his avid participants) made BirdaDay an educational global bird trip. He very kindly responded to suggestions. I hope he got as much fun and satisfaction out of it as we did. The message board made it possible to interact with other birders, unlike eBird.
BAD was a daily one page view of who what when and where worldwide!
I will always be thankful to Trey for the armchair adventure and whole new level of active birding he made possible,

Brian Rapoza
12 months ago

A service for Trey will be held this Thursday, November 16 at 6:00pm at the Assembly of God, Upper Room at 19701 SW 127 Avenue in Miami-Dade. Friends of Trey are invited to attend.

Kurt d.
11 months ago

I did not know Trey Mitchell. But his 2012 photo of the razorbills flying past Miami Beach was my screensaver for a long time. The guy was a great photographer

Paddy Cunningham
11 months ago

So sad to hear of this and so young. His photographs, the stories we will tell and his children will serve as a legacy of the impact of his presences on this planet and our birding community. I hope someone will take up his Bird-a-day program, I know it was special to him. God Bless his family.

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