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Thick-billed Vireo @ Bill Baggs Cape Florida SP 10/23/17

The Cape Florida Banding Station banded its second ever Thick-billed Vireo this morning. I headed to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park hoping that the bird would stick around. After searching for almost 3 hours and turning up only sun, no-seeums, and Northern Cardinals, I needed a break.

Heading back to the car I heard a grating scold from off the path. I did my best Thick-billed Vireo imitation and as luck would have it a Thick-billed Vireo flew into the shrubs right next to the trail.

I did not observe a band on this bird and I have photos that seem to show a bird with no bands. There is a possibility that there are in fact 2 individuals at Baggs right now!

Many Thanks to Robin Diaz and everyone at the Cape Florida Banding Station!

The bird was spotted halfway down the Nature Trail from the Lighthouse to the four-way intersection.

Good luck to anyone chasing!

-Michael Vasi


Joseph Montes de Oca
12 months ago

Congrats on the find! I don't see a band either so it must indeed be two birds at Baggs. Sweet!

Joseph Montes de Oca
12 months ago

PS is anybody else looking forward to seeing the Cape Florida Banding Station post including the TBVI?? Congrats to them as well!

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