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Tomorrow's Shark Valley/Loop Road Trip

Due to the continued closure of Shark Valley and most of Loop Road, I've made a few adjustments to the itinerary for tomorrow's TAS field trip to that area. We'll still meet at 8:00am at the abandoned airboat concession on Tamiami Trail, one mile west of the Shark Valley entrance, but stops will now include Forty Mile Bend, Oasis Visitor Center and Kirby Storter Boardwalk. Early risers may want to consider a pre-trip stop at the S-334 Water Control Structure on Tamiami Trail (about 1.3 miles west of Krome Avenue), where a Tropical Kingbird continues (I saw it this morning). A pair of very feisty Purple Gallinules were also present. I'll be at the kingbird spot tomorrow morning at about 7:00am; all are welcome to join me.


Brian Rapoza
12 months ago

Nine birders joined me for this morning's Big Cypress trip. I stopped pre-trip at the S-3334 Water Control Structure, where the Tropical Kingbird continues, joined briefly by two Scissor-tailed Flycatchers. Birding was somewhat slow; an immature White-crowned Sparrow, found in the butterfly garden at Oasis Visitor Center, was the only unexpected species.

Joel Rosenthal
12 months ago

Photos of white crowned sparrow here--!st 2 photos in the photostream

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