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Warbler ID help

I'm not sure what to think of this warbler. Facial pattern made me think it was a female/immature blackpoll warbler but a birder from Louisiana thinks it could be a cerulean warbler. Anybody have any other ideas? Images available at the inaturalist link.

Sorry for posting so late; I figured in case somebody wakes up early and agrees it's a cerulean it would be worth chasing. The exact location is on inaturalist and it was with a couple northern parulas but I only saw it this one time and unfortunately didn't have my camera settings where they should have been.


Rock Jetty
8 months ago

I'm gonna go with Cerulean also Joseph. Great find!

8 months ago

As Rock Jetty said, Cerulean.

Joseph Montes de Oca
8 months ago

Thanks for the confirmations

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