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Warbler's in a Grape jelly feeding frenzy in my yard!

It was Very interesting in my yard this afternoon...I put several small containers of grape jelly in the shrubs and tied to the bars for the birds...This afternoon..I noted four warblers in a single Firespike shrub out back taking turns at the two small jelly feeders in the shrub..they had to share with a catbird and N. mockingbird too..I had a male Black throated Blue,two female Black throated Blue's and a male N. Parula very frequently..A female blk. throated Blue sipped nectar from a hanging hummingbird feeder..She would stand on a nearby perch, fly over to sip nectar and return to the perch.....Even after the flood lights automatically came on, she was still out there sipping nectar...


Larry Gladsden
12 months ago


12 months ago

Nice! I bought an oriole feeder years ago, but have never had a visiting oriole. I have had palm warblers and mockingbirds on the feeders. Inspired by your post, I put the feeder out with grape jelly, but now only have many, many bees.

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