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Weekend Trip to Dominican Republic

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for people to do a 3 day trip to Dominican Republic and get as many of the endemics of the island as possible in that time along with some Caribbean endemics.

The dates will be from November 5th or 6th to the 8th, 2020, the guide would be Manny Jimenes from Explora EcoTour and the itinerary would roughly be the one below:

Keep in mind that if COVID-19 is still a big problem in that time, the guide has confirmed with me that the money will be refunded

If you're interested or know anyone who is interested, please let me know, my email is

Kind regards,


Ken Archambault
4 months ago

HI, LUIS! I sure hope your trip goes forward. Kate Wallace is a good friend of mine. She is wonderful. I hope you get to see her at her lodge (on your itinerary, I notice). One big suggestion: to take a suitcase full of baseballs or maybe deflated volleyballs (DR women took a championship in volleyball!), and hand them out as you go around DR. i can't emphasis how much pleasure we took in seeing the kids' eyes get excited to have a baseball. You can find them very inexpensively at Walmart of on, btw! Many of the kids out in the countryside have so little, and it will be your ONLY chance to do this in DR. Best regards!

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