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What was it?

I saw a dove-ish (or smidge larger) with brownish body but strikingly red feathers underneath.
What did I see 😁
Oh, I think it’s head was a darker color as well.


Robyn Niblock
23 days ago’s black, white and gray with red underneath...pigeon sized.

Joe Barros
23 days ago

Let the process begin.
Could it be a Red-bellied Woodpecker?

Robyn Niblock
22 days ago

The problem is I am very familiar with the Red bellies, this thing really stumped me.
It’ll go into the ‘Oh well ‘ category 😁

Matt anderson
22 days ago

Have you considered Red-whiskered Bulbul? Not exactly pigeon sized, but color pattern matches. Depends on where in Miami you saw the bird. Also, I find habitat (on ground, canopy, etc.) and behavior to be really helpful when IDing mystery birds.

Joe Barros
17 days ago

As Matt said, behavior and habitat can be very helpful to narrowing down the ID. Any more information would be helpful.

Robyn Niblock
16 days ago

I saw it again this morning 1/6 in Hollywood.
It has distinctive red feathers under its wings.
A real head scratcher. Hopefully I’ll get a photo of it 😁

Angel & Mariel
16 days ago


Have you considered Rose-breasted Grosbeak? Enjoy your day.

Nature is Awesome
Angel & Mariel

Tyler Beck
15 days ago

Sounds like a good description of the American Robin.

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