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Whip-poor-will back at Green Cay for 2 weeks now

The whip-poor-will has returned to Green Cay Wetlands again - after having been quite visible November 2019 for several weeks, it has again been fairly reliable to spot for the past 2 weeks or so. Sunday, February 7th, it was sitting prominently on a downed branch on the ground, allowing a little separation from the background for better detail at 600mm.



David S Hall
2 months ago

Fantastic capture Justin! Nice find too! Beautiful image of this rarely seen bird.

Barbara DeWitt
2 months ago

Does it have a "regular" perch? Can you describe that or the general area? Is there a best time to see it?

Justin Miller
2 months ago

It's been spotted within the same 20 square foot area for the past 14-17 days or's definitely been sticking around the same area...but not always the same perch. It's been spotted from early morning well into mid-afternoon, so it seems pretty readily available.
Green Cay currently has one-way boardwalks for the pandemic - and there are two - the main boardwalk 1 mile loop, and the shorter 1/2 mile loop to the south of the nature center...the bird is spotted on the 1/2 mile loop. Take the loop all the way around until it enters the pine forest...keep going all the way through the pine forest...just before the ramp starts going down to meet up with the main loop at a T-intersection, the whip has been on the right side. Start looking as soon as the boardwalk bends to the right, just before it starts ramping down...and keep looking all the way to the end of the tree line. Every time it's been spotted, it's been on the right side - so that seems the most reliable place to look. This photo was taken exactly where the metal handrail starts to start ramping down - on the ground, about 12 feet away from the boardwalk. Hope that helps.

Barbara DeWitt
2 months ago

No whip today. Thank you for the detailed location instructions. At least 5 other birders were there looking today.

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