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Wilson's Phalarope- Fields West of 167th Avenue near Sunset Dr.

Location on ebird checklist. I checked this area yesterday without much luck but decided to give it another try after hearing about the shorebirds Noah and Larry were finding down South.

I think I may have a couple pics of a stilt sandpiper as well but since I am not skillful at all in the shorebird department, my checklist is under construction as I review my pictures and field guide (and ask for help on inaturalist!)


Juan Valadez
10 months ago

Great find and great photos Joseph. Thanks for posting.

Joseph Montes de Oca
10 months ago

Thanks Juan. The Phalarope continued today, I had much better lighting this time and was able to get better pictures. I needed to walk through water that was a little over a foot deep to reach the area where it was (rubber boots to the rescue). iNaturalist link with exact location here:

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