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Tropical Audubon's Bird Board provides a forum for local and visiting birders to share South Florida bird sightings with our birding community. In addition to reports of rare, unusual or interesting birds or other wildlife seen in our area, other appropriate content for this forum includes local birding trip reports and requests for identification assistance. Tropical Audubon Society reserves the right to edit or remove posts with inappropriate content, including advertising, offensive language and personal attacks.

Users of this forum are asked to provide location specifics for bird sightings, including directions where appropriate, and are encouraged to include a photograph to illustrate bird sightings. Users are asked not to post specifics for nesting locations, as disturbance may result in birds abandoning their nest.

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Buff-bellied Hummingbird

Hansel Herrera Oct 20 2017 12:56 pm 3 Comments

Olive-sided Fly at Helene Klein (Broward)

Steve Johnson Oct 19 2017 08:43 pm 1 Comment

Five vireos, Richardson Park (Broward Co.)

Russ Titus Oct 19 2017 08:45 am 0 Comments

Warbler's in a Grape jelly feeding frenzy in my yard!

Jeanette Rawls Oct 18 2017 08:18 pm 2 Comments

Nesting Owls?

Steve Oct 15 2017 09:53 pm 0 Comments

TAS Cape Florida walk today

Robin Diaz Oct 15 2017 02:14 pm 0 Comments

Male Pin-tailed Whydah

Roger Hammer Oct 15 2017 07:59 am 11 Comments

TAS Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and Ft. Myers Beach Trip, 10/14

Brian Rapoza Oct 14 2017 08:32 pm 0 Comments

Blackburnian warbler

GHuberman Oct 14 2017 04:47 pm 0 Comments

Wilson's Warbler & Rose-breasted Grosbeak

David HAll Oct 13 2017 08:27 pm 3 Comments

Egyptian Geese

Barbara Collamore Oct 12 2017 09:10 pm 1 Comment

Egyptian Goose

Genesis Cosme Oct 12 2017 08:55 pm 0 Comments

TAS Cape Florida walk (10/15)

Robin Diaz Oct 12 2017 06:43 pm 0 Comments

Painted buntings

GHuberman Oct 12 2017 12:11 pm 2 Comments
Jeanette Rawls: They like white millet...

Warbling Vireo @ Matheson (10/12), found by Raul Urgelles

Carlos Sanchez Oct 12 2017 11:07 am 0 Comments

AD Barnes

ljn1atty Oct 11 2017 09:55 am 0 Comments

Golden-winged Warbler, Margate

Russ Titus Oct 09 2017 02:22 pm 0 Comments

Green Cay - Blackburnian?

Justin Miller Oct 09 2017 09:20 am 2 Comments

Help to ID possible female Rufous Hummingbird

Justin Cheah Oct 08 2017 04:16 pm 0 Comments

Everglades National Park, Oct. 7

John Boyd Oct 07 2017 07:10 pm 0 Comments