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Tropical Audubon's Bird Board provides a forum for local and visiting birders to share South Florida bird sightings with our birding community. In addition to reports of rare, unusual or interesting birds or other wildlife seen in our area, other appropriate content for this forum includes local birding trip reports and requests for identification assistance. Tropical Audubon Society reserves the right to edit or remove posts with inappropriate content, including advertising, offensive language and personal attacks.

Users of this forum are asked to provide location specifics for bird sightings, including directions where appropriate, and are encouraged to include a photograph to illustrate bird sightings.

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Close and personal with a Wilson's Storm-Petrel

Toe Jun 10 2017 11:16 pm 1 Comment

Birch S.P. 6/10. Birds and a Great Butterfly

Judd Pesold Jun 10 2017 06:01 pm 1 Comment

Tropical Mockingbird @ Lake Worth Municipal Beach 6.4.2017

Rangel Diaz Jun 04 2017 05:01 pm 4 Comments

Marine Science Center Pelagic 6.3.2017

Rangel Diaz Jun 04 2017 02:04 pm 0 Comments

Indian Peafowl and Mallard Ducks in eBird

Robin Diaz Jun 04 2017 11:11 am 1 Comment
Bill Boeringer: Thanks, Robin.

June Challenge

Trey Mitchell Jun 01 2017 05:12 pm 0 Comments

American Tree Sparrow @ Flamingo Visitor Center, Everglades NP

Carlos Jose Sanchez May 27 2017 06:28 pm 1 Comment

Bird song ID...yellow warbler?

Joseph Montes de Oca May 27 2017 11:41 am 5 Comments

Science article on spring migration

Robin Diaz May 24 2017 08:11 pm 2 Comments

King Rails at Cutler Wetlands

Toe May 24 2017 07:55 pm 2 Comments

banded Osprey

Robin Diaz May 23 2017 11:41 am 4 Comments

May Movie and Music Nite

Brian Rapoza May 21 2017 06:41 pm 0 Comments

Bird ID Request

Alison Enchelmaier May 20 2017 05:41 pm 3 Comments

Red-necked phalarope at Snake Bight

Joseph Montes de Oca May 15 2017 07:33 pm 2 Comments

BAHAMA WOODSTAR @ Maritime Hammock Sanctuary 5/15/2017

Rangel Diaz May 15 2017 02:47 pm 6 Comments

Bird identification

KD May 14 2017 06:24 pm 1 Comment

Cooper's Hawk video

Steve Siegel May 14 2017 04:07 pm 1 Comment

Graphic - bird ID in Wakodahatchee

Justin Miller May 12 2017 09:28 am 2 Comments

5/13/17: Migratory Bird Day @ MDC Environmental Center

Brian Rapoza May 11 2017 06:06 pm 0 Comments

Can we postulate there's a breeding population of Western Spindalis in S. Florida?

Toe May 11 2017 01:00 pm 0 Comments