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Yellow-faced Grassquit, AD Barnes Park

Brian Rapoza Sep 24 2017 02:20 pm 2 Comments

Canada Warbler - Riverbend Park, Palm Beach County

Kenny Miller Sep 24 2017 10:24 am 1 Comment

Kendall Indian Hammock Park, 9/23

Brian Rapoza Sep 23 2017 01:29 pm 0 Comments

Rufous Hummingbird back at Castellow

Hansel Sep 22 2017 06:26 pm 0 Comments

Brown Noddy continues on Mid-Beach

Shane Sep 22 2017 05:45 pm 0 Comments

New TAS Tour! Brazil: The Pantanal and Amazon: July 3-17, 2018

Brian Rapoza Sep 21 2017 06:39 pm 0 Comments


GHuberman Sep 20 2017 09:07 am 4 Comments

New Crossley bird guide

Robin Diaz Sep 19 2017 03:00 pm 0 Comments

Hummingbird Feeders..Put them up early if you can..We have a shortage of flowers/nectar..due to Hurricane Irma!!!

Jeanette Rawls Sep 19 2017 12:13 pm 3 Comments

Bald eagles

Justin Cheah Sep 18 2017 11:08 am 0 Comments

Brown Booby, Great Shearwater/Biscayne Natl.

Juan Valadez Sep 17 2017 10:18 pm 1 Comment

248 St fields amost dry, but still some birds

Toe Sep 17 2017 09:14 pm 3 Comments

Lucky Hammock is a bit beat up, but still great for birds

Luis Gonzalez Sep 17 2017 05:09 pm 0 Comments

Ad barnes

Anthony N Sep 17 2017 04:40 pm 0 Comments

248 St Shorebirds

Toe Sep 16 2017 09:46 pm 3 Comments

Lots of Shore Birds Fields near Quarry Lake

Trey for Toe Sep 16 2017 06:33 pm 0 Comments

Blackpoint Marina open?

Paddy Cunningham Sep 15 2017 02:56 pm 2 Comments

Post Huricane Irma Rare/ Lost Bird sightings

Tropical Audubon Society Sep 14 2017 10:12 am 0 Comments

Article on birds and hurricanes

Robin Diaz Sep 14 2017 09:12 am 1 Comment

Wilson's Phalarope- Fields West of 167th Avenue near Sunset Dr.

Joseph Montes de Oca Sep 13 2017 07:53 pm 2 Comments