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Tropical Audubon's Bird Board provides a forum for local and visiting birders to share South Florida bird sightings with our birding community. In addition to reports of rare, unusual or interesting birds or other wildlife seen in our area, other appropriate content for this forum includes local birding trip reports and requests for identification assistance. Tropical Audubon Society reserves the right to edit or remove posts with inappropriate content, including advertising, offensive language and personal attacks.

Users of this forum are asked to provide location specifics for bird sightings, including directions where appropriate, and are encouraged to include a photograph to illustrate bird sightings. Users are asked not to post specifics for nesting locations, as disturbance may result in birds abandoning their nest.

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Leaders: TAS Field Trip Coordinator Brian Rapoza and a local guide. Fee: $2,745.00 per person double occupancy, $345.00 single supplement. Fee includes transportation, lodging, guides and park fees. Not included is round-trip airfare to the Yucatan (arrival in Cozumel, departure from Merida), tips, laundry costs or other incidental expenses. To register or to view a detailed itinerary, click here. A $200.00 deposit is due at time of booking, balance of payment due by October 18, 2020.

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TAS trip to Wallacea?

Joel n Rosenthal Jan 09 2020 05:12 pm 4 Comments

Limpkin and Gray Headed Swamphen RFI

John Facchini Jan 09 2020 05:02 pm 3 Comments

Partial leucistic Cape May/Yellow Rump is back at Wakodahatchee - ID?

Justin Miller Jan 09 2020 02:48 pm 3 Comments

1/4/20 Coot Bay-Everglades National Park CBC Summary

Brian Rapoza Jan 08 2020 07:23 pm 1 Comment

Possible relationship between weather and White-cheeked Pintail at Naples

Steven Feldstein Jan 07 2020 02:29 pm 1 Comment

Common loon

Dee Dec 31 2020 05:42 pm 0 Comments

12/14/19 Miami-Dade CBC Summary

Brian Rapoza Dec 29 2019 08:03 pm 5 Comments

Vesper Sparrow: Frog Pond WMA

Noah Dec 27 2019 08:50 am 0 Comments

Victoria Crown Pigeon (?)

Jonathan Julius Selub and Steven Selub Dec 26 2019 06:15 pm 1 Comment

Rough-legged Hawk

Mark Sullivan Dec 23 2019 10:04 am 3 Comments

TAS Flamingo Area Birding Report, 12/22/19

Luis A Gonzalez Dec 22 2019 10:59 pm 0 Comments

From the Annals of Avian Extinction

Joel n Rosenthal Dec 20 2019 05:36 pm 0 Comments

Canada Goose/ Flamingo/ Everglades National

Juan Dec 20 2019 08:02 am 1 Comment

Wilsons Warbler

Joel n Rosenthal Dec 02 2019 08:38 pm 0 Comments

Heermann's Gull, yes

Jim Sigsbee Dec 02 2019 07:57 pm 1 Comment

TAS A.D. Barnes Bird Walk Report, 12/01/19

Luis A Gonzalez Dec 01 2019 02:20 pm 0 Comments

TAS Eastern Panama: Canal Zone and Darien Trip Report

Brian Rapoza Nov 30 2019 08:33 pm 1 Comment

Gray-headed swamphens and neootropic cormorant

Andrew block Nov 29 2019 09:41 pm 0 Comments

Lark sparrow at pahayokee in everglades

Andrew block Nov 28 2019 08:11 pm 0 Comments

La sagras flycatcher still there

Andrew block Nov 28 2019 06:30 pm 0 Comments