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Take Action for Clean Water and Habitat for Birds and People

Shifting Federal policies got you down? Worried about changes at the EPA and Interior? Now is the ideal time to focus your energy on our regional issues and capitalize on the chance to safeguard our state’s precious water resources. The Florida legislature is presently considering two important bills that will impact water quality and quality of life, so the birds need you to call your senators and representatives today.


Protect Florida's Precious Water Resources

Mangrove Morning by Paul Marcellini


What’s a stake:


Urge your State Representative to Support Land Purchases

Needed Immediately for a Reservoir South of Lake O!

Senate Bill 10 and recently introduced House Bill 761 represent tangible opportunities to protect the environment. Let your legislators know we need these bills to pass so we can: 1.) respond to the state’s water crisis, 2.) restore much-needed water flows to save the Everglades, and 3.) assure drinking water for 8 million South Floridians.

Read SB10

Read the Fact Sheet


Fracking in Florida!? Hell no!

Lend your voice to the bipartisan legislation intended to ban "Fracking" technologies statewide. If passed, the recently introduced Senate Bill 442 and companionHouseBill 451 will ban all types of fracking (hydraulic, acid and matrix acidizing) from taking place here. Introduced by leaders on both sides of the aisle and drawing praise from environmental groups, what is now needed is a groundswell of grassroots support for these two bills.

Click Here to Find Your Senator


Everglades Action Day in Tallahassee! 

Join TAS & the Everglades Coalition

Tuesday, April 3-4, 2017

Visit Florida’s Capitol, Meet Elected Leaders, Support the Everglades and Estuaries. Lobby Training & All Materials Provided * Group Transportation Available. Take the Everglades Action Day participation survey to learn more and help TAS plan for the event!

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