Ludlam Trail

Image rendering courtesy of Douglas Thompson

Friends of the Ludlam Trail is a nonprofit coalition dedicated to the implementation of the Ludlam Trail, a 6.2-mile linear park running through the heart of Miami-Dade County within the partially abandoned Florida East Coast Railway right-of-way. The proposed park will contain community gardens, Pine Rockland habitat and a trail that will provide a safe, dedicated, direct route for cyclists and pedestrians to access schools, parks, mass-transit, work and shopping. In addition to regularly attracting eco-tourists and outlying county residents, the Trail will connect more than 34,000 people living within a walkable 1/2-mile service area to 5 greenways, 5 schools, 4 parks and 2 transit hubs.

Thousands of Miami-Dade County residents who want to see Ludlam Trail become a community asset for biking, running and walking are represented by Friends of the Ludlam Trail. The coalition views the Ludlam Trail project as an organic way of spurring area job creation; of realizing immediate value increases for adjacent properties; and of establishing a major north/south transportation and recreation corridor in the very heart of Miami-Dade County. Join the Friends of the Ludlam Trail.