May Movie & Music Nite @ Tropical Audubon

On the Marquee: Feature film: “Wind Across the Everglades” 1958 (93 minutes) — Set in the early 20th century, game warden (Christopher Plummer) sets out to enforce conservation laws that protect wading birds in the Everglades. He soon runs up against Cottonmouth (Burl Ives), a plume hunter who leads a band of bird poachers. The film is loosely based upon the real-life story of Guy Bradley, one of the country’s first game wardens who was hired upon the request of Audubon Society members to protect wading birds in the Everglades region, and who was shot and killed by a plume hunter. Co-Starring: 3 fabulous Lady (song)Birds: Raffa Jo, Edan Archer & Deblois Milledge plus Screening of “Ain’t that kind of Woman” Edan Archer Music Video filmed at the Doc Thomas House (how cool is that!?) plus Three Sisters Organic Food Truck plus Popcorn & Donation Bird Bar May Movie & Music Nite is a Community Event presented by Tropical Audubon Society together with the City of South Miami Admission by Donation-- click here to invite your peeps! Limited on-site parking via the 55th Avenue entry gate; metered parking on Sunset Drive; various garage and valet parking options within 1-3 blocks; Metro-rail service to South Miami Station. MMMN Community Partners: Audubon Florida, City of South Miami, Community Newspapers,, Miami Brewing Co., Republic National Distributing Co.