May Movie & Music Nite

Enjoy a dramatic evening of song and film under the Audubon oaks presented by The City of South Miami. On the Marquee: Feature film: “The Swamp” Nature Never Surrenders (2019, 120 minutes) tells the sweeping story of humanity’s attempts to conquer the Florida Everglades, one of nature’s most mysterious ecosystems. Home to a profusion of unique flora and fauna found together nowhere else on the continent, the immense watershed once covered nearly all of Florida's southern peninsula. In the late 19th century, however, wetlands were largely perceived as impediments to progress, impenetrable swamps inhabited by dangerous reptiles. Draining much of the Everglades was a feat accomplished by the Army Corp of Engineers. Radically altering the landscape in favor of development unleashed a torrent of unintended consequences — including floods, droughts, habitat loss, collapsing rookeries and fisheries, and species teetering on the brink of extinction. The critically acclaimed film retells this epic real-life drama through the lives of a handful of colorful characters, hucksters, politicians and unlikely activists. Both captivating and compelling, The Swamp brings viewers full circle to the present as state and federal agencies work closely with Everglades advocates to save America’s greatest wetland by restoring the flow of water south. Co-Starring: Songbird Raffa Jo & Mandolin impresario Ben Bergstrom plus Taco Fresh Food Truck plus Trader Joe's Movie Theater Popcorn & the Donation Bird Bar by RNDC May Movie & Music Nite is a Community Event presented by the City of South Miami Admission by Donation Limited on-site parking via the 55th Avenue entry gate; metered parking on Sunset Drive; various garage and valet parking options within 1-3 blocks; Metrorail service to South Miami Station.