Audubon Ambassador Program 2019: Pine Rocklands - Imperiled Butterflies Talk & Field Trip

Earn your Wings — the Audubon Ambassador Program is open to anyone 18 years and older who is curious to learn more about the environment. Our May session spotlights South Florida’s imperiled Pine Rocklands. Learn more about conservation efforts to protect this unique habitat and the rare butterflies that live there from Environmentally Endangered Lands Program Natural Resources Manager Joy Klein and North American Butterfly Association Miami Blue Chapter Vice President Dennis Olle — both of whom are TAS Advisory Board members. Explore a Pine Rockland habitat and tour the Doc Thomas House with resident TAS Historian Dan Jones. To RSVP or pay at the door, cash or check: To apply for a student scholarship for the program: FEES: $10 per session (modest handling fees will be added by Eventbrite). Pinning Ceremony Picnic free for program attendees. Ride: Bike to TAS or take the Metrorail. TAS is just a 10-minute walk east from the South Miami Metrorail Station. Park: Limited on-site parking via our 55th Avenue auto gate. Nearby metered, valet and garage options. The Audubon Ambassador Program is a series of workshops and field trips designed to make you a more engaged, educated and effective advocate conservationist. Learn from leaders in their fields and become a strong advocate for the water we drink, the air we breathe and the habitat that nurtures, shelters and sustains our region’s birds and other wildlife. You’ll come away knowing more about South Florida ecosystems, environmental challenges, sea level rise and hurricane resilience issues — and, most important, practice making a difference. Talks on issues will be followed by advocacy exercises. Field trips bring each month’s classroom discussions to life.