Letter-Writing PARTY to Benefit Biscayne Bay

Biscayne National Park is a national treasure and home to a portion of the third-largest barrier coral reef ecosystem in the world. In addition to preserving colorful reefs and bird-friendly islands, Biscayne protects an abundance of fish species. Unfortunately, decades of over-fishing and overuse have taken a toll. Many of Biscayne’s reef fish species are now severely threatened, some – like black grouper – are on the verge of collapse. That’s why the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) needs to hear from you! YOUR VOICE is needed to help protect marine wildlife in Biscayne National Park and assure we help fish flourish in Florida. Join TAS and the National Parks Conservation Association for a short presentation and convivial letter-writing session designed to share recommendations with FWC for Biscayne National Park’s Fishery Management Plan (FMP). We’ll provide supplies, including sample letters, as well as pizza and beverages! All you have to do is swing by and pen a snail-mail. The FMP is intended to protect and restore reef fish populations in the park. Initial proposals that only increase minimum size limits are not strong enough to compel sustainable reef fish populations in Biscayne. Instead, implementing increased size limits, habitat protection, education, enforcement AND no-take marine reserve areas will potentially do more to help restore fish populations, while still allowing fishing to continue in Biscayne National Park.