Flock to Bird Day

@ Tropical Audubon Society, Next Date TBA

A Free Community Event!
Presented in association with Audubon Florida

The 3-acre “green island” that embodies Tropical Audubon Society and its Steinberg Nature Center will be the site of Bird Day celebrations (February 9, 2019), from noon until 4 p.m. An array of engaging educational activities for participants of all ages will mark the migration of nearly 350 species of migratory birds between non-breeding grounds in the Caribbean, South America and Mexico, and their nesting habitats in North America.

Though South Florida's shrinking Open Spaces are increasingly under threat, the region remains a prime refueling station for birds migrating on the North/South flyways between seasons. With the annual northbound “flight” poised for takeoff, TAS's third annual IMBD will focus on those species that stop over on our peninsula, and will illustrate South Florida's role in worldwide bird conservation. Our area's Caribbean and Latin American human residents can also learn more about their home-country birds as they recharge here before flying north for summer.

Featuring interactive games and prizes, and led by a host of bird experts, the festival is an enriching experience for families with young children, Ecology Clubs and anyone looking for a pleasant afternoon outing. Attendees will learn why bird conservation is an imperative, and how taking a few simple steps in our own yards to create a welcoming “rest stop” will also enhance quality of life in South Florida. In addition to planned festivities, participants can purchase native plants, explore the trails that thread the grounds - comprised of a Hardwood Hammock and Pine Rockland - and also tour the 1931 Doc Thomas House, a Miami-Dade County Historic Landmark that was named to The National Register of Historic Places in 2014.

Additional Event Partners:
Audubon Society of the Everglades
Community News
First National Bank of South Miami
Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition
I'm Not Your Boring Newspaper
Riviera Presbyterian Church
South Florida Audubon Society

Parking: Limited free parking via our 55th Avenue entry gate; nearby metered parking; various garage and valet parking options within 1-3 blocks; Metrorail service to South Miami Station